TAKe Control Success Story

Have you smoked for a long time, well Sophie had smoked most of her life. Catching a cigarette off her father when he wasn’t looking for as long as she can remember. I came across Sophie some time back, she was wanting to give up the cigarettes however she wouldn’t read even the program. Her mindset, she couldn’t see herself a non smoker. Nor would she even think about it.

Her daughter read the book and loved it, utilising the psychology within the book. Well, her mother didn’t know for a while. This psychology the daughter Tia, utilised for other people and within a little while they were asking for the book “TAKe Control”.

Tia was amazed at how this type of book had helped her plant the seed within someone’s mind without them really knowing. However her mother knew the power of the book and fought tooth and nail to keep the cigarettes. It was amazing, the daughter so positive, yet the Mother wouldn’t even read the book nor accept the daughter planting the seed.

Well, she is NOW so proud to be a non smoker. I bumped into her last night, we had a drink and a catch up. Sophie said, Im a non smoker. That way of thinking, well once I realised I could give it a go. Everyday I turned my computer on I would come across the book. Well, I had to read it. Tia had helped so many people just with the language and how you look at life had helped.

I read the book from start to go. Wow I thought how would this work. I noticed I set a date, the two weeks away however, I had halved my cigarettes just by reading the book, I was amazed Sophie said, then I said well maybe I’ll try. Well I’m 5 weeks smoke free. I am a non smoker, that’s what I tell everyone so proud.

I’m now rereading the book and finding gramar…. woman I talked to your subconscious mind, the grammar stays it’s the way to make your conscious mind and your subconscious mind see the same end goal, even if you didn’t want it.