Planning Your Reception Meal

When you decide to organize a reception, the first thing that you should think about is a meal. Whether your guests will be served buffet style or sit-down meal style will make or mar the event. If you are planning your reception meal, you can opt for the casual buffet catering style, which is perfect for a large number of guests. In comparison to sit-down meals, which are expensive, this can be a more viable option.

When it comes to party catering, plan on organizing a buffet, which is more personal and allows you guests to choose items that they would like to eat. This way, your reception will reflect your personality- that of a warm, sociable individual who wants their guests to get what they like. But before organizing a buffet, consider following options-

Work Spaces

Make sure that there is enough workspace for organizing a buffet. Large tables where the dishes will be laid out and contemporary dinner tables, preferably round and smaller sizes so that your guests can enjoy a warm meal.

Oven and Hob Space

You don’t want your guests to eat cold food. So, if you are holding a buffet catering reception, ensure that there is enough space for oven and hob so that the food can be heated. Consult your provider for ideas and clever planning tips to ensure extra space without sacrificing too much of party area for food.

Bar Area

If you are having a bar area for the guests, make sure that it is after the buffet section. Choose a company for buffet catering in Singapore intelligently to ensure that they can strike a balance between food and the bar. Also, don’t keep the bar area too close to the main entrance to avoid a bottleneck situation.

For sit-down meals, you will need more equipment and staff for serving. But you can save that money in buffet. Hire crockery and cutlery from a company, preferably your caterers or otherwise from someone who provides ‘return dirty’ services. This way you wouldn’t have to worry about hiring another company to clean the dishes. If you are planning a large reception, ensure that there is ample staff for heating and distributing items on the dishes so that nobody goes hungry or finds an empty utensil!

Work out Quantities

Choose quantities intelligently. You don’t want food to be less for your guests. For instance, at least 250 gm of meat should be available for each guests and 200 gm of fish should be kept for everyone. Similarly, 100 gm of vegetables, at least 100 gm of rice and 120 gm of potatoes or similar dishes should be worked out for the guests. Avoid waste by going through this procedure. Also, keep extra breads, potatoes and salads so that everyone gets a full portion.

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