Pile Up Your Plate And Lose More Weight

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The food you place on your plate has to be healthy and low in calories. Numerous studies show that our hunger is satisfied by the volume of food consumed and not necessarily the calories contained within the food, explains USA Today.

What’s this Explorer (just click the next website) mean? If you increase your serving while not increasing your calorie count you will lose weight without that crazy feeling of needing a snack.

So how exactly do you do this? The studies include the following suggestion.

– More veggies — add sliced cucumbers, zucchini, radishes, carrots add volume, color and texture to your food. If this doesn’t do it for you then create some vegetable purees. One recent study where they included purees found that participants could be equally satisfied with 350 fewer calories. Interested though don’t know how to make vegetable puree? Visit seriouseats.com for some easy ways to whipp up your puree.
– Slice food— when you cut up your food it food up makes it seem more plentiful. In one study, participants given chopped up pieces of bagels ate less than those given whole ones, yet were equally satisfied.
– Aerate—Adding air to your meals makes portion sizes seem longer, making snacks like popcorn or puffed grain cereals better than crackers or granola bars.