Jobob Taeleifi’s 1st Single To benefit American Samoa Relief

The first single from pop singer-songwriter Jobob Taeleifi’s self-titled debut CD, will be released November 11th on CD Baby. From November 11 through December 11, 2009, a portion of the sales from the single “Heartbreak Queen” will go to relief efforts in American Samoa, particularly the village of Leone ( Jobob’s father was born in the village of Leone, which was devastated by the earthquake and tsunami of September 29, 2009. Dozens of homes were destroyed and several villagers lost their lives. The Leone Village Council is reaching out to the world community to help the village rebuild. Jobob hopes that the proceeds from his single release will go towards helping his “family’s village and its people to collectively work hand in hand to rebuild.” The single release will also be available through and later on iTunes.

“Heartbreak Queen” has already started airing on American Samoa station V-103 WVUV-FM ( and its sister station 93 KHJ ( On the release date of November 11th Jobob will be a featured guest on the Island Vibe radio show on KBEACH ( in Los Angeles, 7:00 p.m. (PST).

Jobob Taeleifi’s talent as a musician, vocalist and ability to write catchy, memorable pop songs are born out of his innate sense of rhythm, inherent in the mixed cultural influence of his Samoan/Dutch-Irish background. Surrounded by the influence of a variety of music, Jobob started playing guitar at 13 and writing songs by the time he was a freshman in high school. A multi-instrumentalist he also taught himself how to play keyboards, bass, drums and ukulele. At 18 he recorded his debut CD, Jobob Taeleifi with producer/engineer Ebiut Cervantes, featuring all original material (two songs co-written/arranged with Cervantes). From upbeat, driving arrangements to poetic ballads several of Jobob’s songs have already been selected for placement in Tv.

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5 Reasons why You should Opt for Bunded Fuel Tanks

Whether you are looking to store your fuel for commercial or domestic use, investing in a proper fuel tank is advisable. In the past, fuel tanks were built using only one skin design. Such tanks could contain fuels but created spillage risks among many other problems. With bunded fuels tanks, you do not have to worry about these risks for they are built using safety margins and additional outer tank shells. This design helps contain liquids and allows sufficient space that can contain leaks and spills. Here are reasons why you should begin using bunded fuel tanks today:

1. Prevention of Fuel Theft

TIL the soundtrack to 'O Brother, Where art thou?' is certified 8 times platinum.A secure fuel store will ensure that your fertilizer fuels and chemicals remain safe from theft all the time. These materials are costly and thieves are willing to do anything just to have them. Therefore, it is prudent to begin using a diesel bunded fuel tank for they are made using high quality materials that ensure maximum fuel store security. Diesel bunded fuel tanks are made using latest technology thus they deliver dual protection against tampering or theft. In addition, they are equipped with secondary skins to keep contents secure by making sabotage harder.

2. Safe to users and the environment

Liquid fuels can be toxic, caustic and can cause extreme hazardous effects to the environment. Therefore, there is need to have a safe fuel storage tank that ensures no spills or leaks. If you begin using bunded fuel tanks, you will secure yourself, the employees as well as the environment from possible oil spills and leaks dangers.

3. Compliance with relevant storage regulations

Before committing to a fuel storage tank, it is important to make sure that it meets the required regulations. This is the only way to be certain of your safety and avoid any penalties for using non-compliant products. Make diesel bunded fuel tanks your ideal fuel store and avoid colliding with the authorities. You will be in a position to successfully put in place any safety and risk management plans. These tanks are 9001 ISO accredited meaning that they meet the quality management recognized globally. Begin using bunded fuel tanks and start reaping the benefits.

4. No wastage through leaks

As a business person, your worry is to make losses. With spills and leaks from your fuel tanks, you are guaranteed of lost profits. In case you cherished this article in addition to you would like to be given more information about Service – – i implore you to check out our site. However, bunded fuel tanks have a solution to this problem since they are equipped with a fuel saving technology. They provide additional protection to your liquid fuel by containing spills and leaks ensuring that there is no wastage. This allows for fuel saving meaning that profits are not taken away from you. Choose from the wide variety of bunded fuel tanks available in the market today and make your fuel saving nightmare a history.

5. Variety of door sizes and options to choose from

These tanks are equipped with shutter and roller doors and it is upon you to choose your preferred door option. These door options make unloading and loading of these tanks easier. Additionally, these door options have fully lockable systems installed for maximum safety. You can as well select your tank from a wide variety of styles and sizes. Similarly, there are tanks to suit all your needs from agricultural, home, commercial and industrial operations needs.

You will definitely come across a tank that keeps your liquid materials safe, protected against spills and leaks. A tank that serves according to your requirements as well as one that allows easy access when need arises is worth saving for.

When Is Best Time To use Fishing Leader With Fishing Lures

A fishing leader is a line that is connected to the end of the main fishing line. It is the line fishing lures and rigs are tied into. Attaching the two lines is basically done by tying them both with a knot or a swivel which acts as the joining device for both lines.

There are reasons why anglers use a leader line. First, it is used to supply added protection from the sharp edged teeth of the fish, reefs and rocks. The other reason is that a number of fishing lines are extremely detectible underwater, so anglers use the more invisble leader to attach their fishing lures. This helps them in getting more hits. If you have any inquiries relating to where by and how to use Wiktionary, you can make contact with us at the web-site. The fluorocarbon leader is basically invisible and undetectable by fish. Additionally, it is abrasion resistant, and therefore can take a lot of aggression when you are fishing in rough formation and can save your main line from corrosion. The fluorocarbon leader line usually descends in the water so it will help to place the bait more swiftly. This is advantageous when using lures like a worm or jig and also when you are fishing a crankbait. A majority of monofilament leaders stretch out but the fluorocarbon line does not extend a lot. Thus, during long casts, it will make your hook position more successfully.

A number of anglers make use of a dense and hefty fishing leader for bigger fish. Additionally it will help to avoid breaking off from the fish or any kind of structure in the water. At the same time a denser fishing leader will help in landing or getting a hooked fish aboard.

A few anglers utilize an extremely heavy fishing line and a leader which is sufficiently heavy for the fish but still lighter than the main line. Some use the wire leaders but these are more challenging and time consuming to make, even if you use it with a few magic wires wrapping kits. This type of leader easily tangles and should be replaced frequently as tangles can embed a weak spot in the fishing leader which would eventually snap on the next big fish.

Making use of the correct fishing leader can be the distinction between a victorious fishing expedition and one that finishes up in the tank. Leaders, the piece of line connecting the fishing line and the fishing lure, are probably one of the most ignored pieces of equipment that anglers use and yet they are one of the most important.

Leaders are made up of a selection of materials like single strand wire, coated or uncoated, titanium, seven strand wire, stainless steel wire, fluorocarbon and hard monofilament. All types of leaders are available in many sizes and lengths. Your own leader could be the weakest or the strongest link in your group. Therefore you should give utmost importance and care in choosing the appropriate leader along with the correct fishing lure for the task at hand.

Most tackle stores provide a multitude of leaders to choose from. If you need help in choosing the appropriate fishing leader and lure you can ask a store employee for suggestions.

Is this A Real Silk Scarf.

As any woman normally constituted, I hate to being scammed when I go shopping! On the web, it is even more difficult to recognize right from wrong .
All scarves from Uscarf Silk Scarf are 100% ’90s natural silk. Silk chosen by the designer is really a nice quality silk. But how do you know if the scarf which you died in the early morning is a real silk scarf? Here are 3 simple ways to be sure of yourself.

Neophyte in silk , you probably want some simple but effective tips on how to recognize a true natural silk. In fact , many internet sites, shops or stalls markets unscrupulous to offer you cheap prices (or not) of articles mentioning 100% silk, but it will be synthetic silk which does not have the natural qualities of silk or nobility. Its silk scarves are only counterfeiting polyester, often Made in China or Made in Thailand.

Flame test

The most effective method to recognize the silk is of the test flame. If your scarf permits, some son cut cleanly and near it the flame of a lighter.
– In the case of synthetic silk, son shrivel, melt like plastic and black smoke. In addition, they will continue to burn after removal of the flame.
– In the case of natural silk, the approach of a flame lighter exudes the same smell that burning hair. Moreover, the removal of the flame, combustion stops. Rub son fingertips and you will get a fine black ash.

Shiny silk

The second method requires a more experienced but notice quite easily eye. Indeed, natural silk has some exceptional qualities at its luster. Are doing this test with your silk scarf :
– Enjoy the sunshine and present a synthetic silk scarf different angles of light, reflections always appear white.
– In many ways lights, your natural silk scarf present her reflections of different colors that will captivate your entourage. The outstanding properties of the silk gloss due to the presence of an identical to that contained in the bead protein!

Weft silk scarf

The last method is closer, it is to scrutinize the frame of your silk scarf. Indeed, as you know, silk is a natural fiber of animal origin son so these are regular
– A synthetic silk scarf has a smooth frame and completely regular.
– Your natural silk scarf introduce some irregularities in the thickness of silk son.

Chemical test

Chemists have a test to determine whether it is natural silk. They add 16 grams of CuSO4 in 150 milliliters of water. Then they mix 8-10 grams of glycerol with NaOH to obtain a clear solution. Finally, some chemists deposit drops of this solution on the fabric to be tested. Only son of silk are dissolved, all the others remain.

Natural silk has qualities of resistance, thermoregulation, reflections, plus it’s a noble and healthy to wear unlike the synthetic silk material. Then much of the advice your eyes open and make the right choice!

TAKe Control Success Story

Have you smoked for a long time, well Sophie had smoked most of her life. Catching a cigarette off her father when he wasn’t looking for as long as she can remember. I came across Sophie some time back, she was wanting to give up the cigarettes however she wouldn’t read even the program. Her mindset, she couldn’t see herself a non smoker. Nor would she even think about it.

Her daughter read the book and loved it, utilising the psychology within the book. Well, her mother didn’t know for a while. This psychology the daughter Tia, utilised for other people and within a little while they were asking for the book “TAKe Control”.

Tia was amazed at how this type of book had helped her plant the seed within someone’s mind without them really knowing. However her mother knew the power of the book and fought tooth and nail to keep the cigarettes. It was amazing, the daughter so positive, yet the Mother wouldn’t even read the book nor accept the daughter planting the seed.

Well, she is NOW so proud to be a non smoker. I bumped into her last night, we had a drink and a catch up. Sophie said, Im a non smoker. That way of thinking, well once I realised I could give it a go. Everyday I turned my computer on I would come across the book. Well, I had to read it. Tia had helped so many people just with the language and how you look at life had helped.

I read the book from start to go. Wow I thought how would this work. I noticed I set a date, the two weeks away however, I had halved my cigarettes just by reading the book, I was amazed Sophie said, then I said well maybe I’ll try. Well I’m 5 weeks smoke free. I am a non smoker, that’s what I tell everyone so proud.

I’m now rereading the book and finding gramar…. woman I talked to your subconscious mind, the grammar stays it’s the way to make your conscious mind and your subconscious mind see the same end goal, even if you didn’t want it.

How The Retail Industry Can Benefit From A Supplier Portal

The retail industry is extremely competitive, and with lots of competition out there, some companies can’t survive. It’s important therefore that you have an edge, a way to be as efficient as possible while maintaining your customer relations.

Beach, Emirates, Abu Dhabi, U A EMany companies use a Supplier Portal (SAP) or otherwise known as a Vendor Portal to achieve this. SAP can dramatically improve your business and make it far more efficient. How can you as a retailer benefit from a supplier portal?

Dealing with Suppliers

Traditionally, having to deal with suppliers was a time-consuming job. West ( It also involved dedicated teams that had to organize supplier shipments and accounting.

This was not cost effective for many reasons, so some companies decided to move over to an internet based system. This system uses a supplier portal to link up suppliers to your business. Therefore, this means you can order, check outstanding deliveries and manage the supplier accounts in one application.

End to end Process

Because the supplier has access to the system as well as the company, they can use it to complete transactions and monitor their account. They can also update company details and submit invoices much faster.

It makes the ordering process a seamless transaction with both parties being able to monitor the progress. It also has a bid system that allows suppliers to bid for supply contracts or extend existing ones. It allows interested suppliers to register their interest with a company as they can then be sent bidding information about the areas they are interested in supplying.

Global Business

Because the system is internet based, companies are able to deal with suppliers all over the world instantaneously. If you have any kind of inquiries concerning in which and also the best way to use Howler – – , you are able to call us with our site. They can order stock, pay for goods, and monitor transactions that traditionally would have taken many phone calls or faxes.

This instant access is not only good for the supplier, but it also means the retailer can get access to stock a lot quicker and satisfy their customer needs a great deal better.

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With this type of system, there is always the question of security. With multiple supplier’s records on the system, it’s important that the information is securely stored and accessed.

With a SAP certified solution, data is protected via standard SAP security protocols. This ensures that no outside supplier can access or change data that is not made available to them.

It may be that you haven’t considered the benefits of a supplier portal and find as a company, you could be putting internal resource to better use. In this case, there are outside firms that can set up and run SAP portals for you to access and use.

The SAP system is used by most of the large companies around the world. It has the potential to streamline your company’s processes and make ordering and supplier accounting a much simpler task. It can also vastly improve your customers experience as you will be able to re-order and make the items available to the customer sooner.

The Koyal Group Private Training Services Essential Service

The only way one can avoid fraud or correct it is to know how it is done. And proper training is the key to maximizing one’s ability to reduce risks or dangers from fraudsters, especially when it comes to insurance fraud.

Here is where Koyal Group Private Training Services comes in as a valuable anti-fraud education. Koyal has designed custom-tailored training programs to provide essentially adaptable solutions to unique issues encountered and complaints voiced out by its clients, no matter how big or small the business may be.

Koyal’s approach results in a tailor-fitted “online training center” which reflects the “body and soul” of the company by focusing on the goals of the company. Its methods include courses in line with the objectives of every individual or company, making sure its culture, mission and vision are kept in focus and used as the guiding principles in all the courses.

What’s more, Koyal designs its courses to suit whatever categories best meet the targets or objectives the company has; that is, according to department, course classification, work description, location and so many others. This assures the company of a varied and dedicated training program that addresses the precise needs of the participants involved. Koyal also allows its clients to publish their training courses online for easy access of its employees.

Adaptability and accessibility are two main features of Koyal’s online training program that its favoured clients have learned to appreciate and trust for their company human resource development. In the business world full of fraud and scams, preparing your people to be ready to tackle the high-tech and persistent attempts to sabotage THE Insurance industry is vital in maintain a progressive and healthy company. This is what Koyal aims to provide for its many clients.

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Efficient Ways For easy Relocation Of Your Office

Lady in an OnsenOffice relocation is one of the biggest problems for a business. It leads to wastage of time and loss of profits. Generally, important documents get misplaced while shifting an office. These misplacements can lead to big losses. Managers face many problems while shifting their physical, financial and confidential resources from one place to another. So, they should follow some efficient office relocation tips given here-:

1.A good shifting company- The first factor which ensures proper office relocation is hiring an efficient moving company. Managers should hire an efficient moving company for their CULTURE (Click That Link) office materials. The company selected should have trained and experienced relocation professionals. They should know the correct way of handling different types of office materials. Moreover, their shifting technique should be responsible and quick as slow shifting will lead to wastage of time and loss of organizational profits. So, while relocating an office, an efficient company like Manly removalists should be hired.

2.Plan a layout of new office- The next step for ensuring easy office relocation is planning a layout. Office managers should make a proper layout of their new office. This layout will help in proper placing of each and everything. Mostly, shifting company helps in making this layout and ensures that every carton ends up at its proper place. Proper dimensions of each and every room are taken for making this layout of placement.

3.A relocation guide for all employees- The next step which ensures easy office relocation is preparing and distributing an office shifting guide. This guide has proper instructions for packing and placing all possessions. Through this guide, employees can pack their possessions very easily and can prepare themselves for office shifting. This guide with all instructions and information is a great way to provide packing and shifting assistance to all employees and staff members. So, it’s always better to prepare and distribute this guide before relocating an office.

4.Efficient packing of important materials- Another factor which ensures proper office relocation is efficient packing of important materials. Firstly, office managers should pack confidential documents of their business. These documents are very important and they need safe packing from the managers. After packing confidential papers, financial resources have to be moved. These resources are very important and a small mishandling can lead to a big financial loss. Lastly, all other important are considered for packing and moving.

130428 주니엘 인기가요 미니팬미팅 추가사진 21P - 블로그5.An eye on the shifting company- The last factor which will ensure proper office relocation is checking the shifting company. While relocating, managers should keep their eyes on the working of shifting company. This will ensure quick and safe movement of things from one place to another. For those who have virtually any inquiries relating to exactly where and also how to use Bryan – – , you can contact us on our site. So, managers should always check their shifting company regularly.

So, these were some efficient tips which can ensure proper office relocation. These tips are golden rules for office movement and following them punctually can assure safe and quick relocation. Proper office shifting is a must for a successful working of an organization and every manager should take it seriously.

All About Warm. It Took Me

Raw, naked and intense. That’s the way I awoke. I couldn’t quite remember what caused such powerful emotions. When you have just about any issues with regards to where in addition to the best way to make use of Wildlife, it is possible to contact us in our website. But I was definitely wanting to feel more of them. Like a distant memory, my thoughts left me and soon I was remembering what was next.

All about warm. It took me, not for granted but just took hold of me and pounded against me, really warm and steamy water beating against my face, my body, which felt so amazing. Why ever leave?

I knew what was next. Dry off and begin the lotion and oils. What scent reminded me of the experience I wanted to know today?

I found one….mmm…or two. They smelled so good in the bathroom as the steam was still swirling around me but filtering out into the bedroom. Intoxicating.

I knew what was next. I knew what I was supposed to do. But yes, I knew what I was going to do. I was going nowhere else but – to bed. With every part of me cleaned, scrubbed and buffed, I started to slowly rub lotion, on one place to another, to another and finally another.

I knew I needed to start all over again to add more moisture to my skin.

My sheets became wet…moist with lotion and oil. Having turned the fan on overhead, the steam and heat that felt so good just moments ago was now in direct competition with the fan’s breeze blowing against me, against every pore on my body, bringing the scent of the lotion and the oil all around me and all around the room. It was nothing short of a mix of anticipation and satisfaction.

I knew what I was to do next. I also knew what I was going to do next. And it was going to be worth it.

Pile Up Your Plate And Lose More Weight

Farzet ki #tuning #car #mk #cars #carporn #m #bmw #r #golf #jdm #turbo #drift #bmwm #racing #auto #audi #i #carsofinstagram #stance #low #honda #instacar #instacars #supercar #volkswagen #gti #toyota #like #amg #bhfypIf you’re having a challenging time losing those pounds you may want to start putting more food on your plate. If this sounds just like the kind of diet you’ve been waiting to hear about then you’re in good company. There is a catch to this eat more diet.

The food you place on your plate has to be healthy and low in calories. Numerous studies show that our hunger is satisfied by the volume of food consumed and not necessarily the calories contained within the food, explains USA Today.

What’s this Explorer (just click the next website) mean? If you increase your serving while not increasing your calorie count you will lose weight without that crazy feeling of needing a snack.

So how exactly do you do this? The studies include the following suggestion.

– More veggies — add sliced cucumbers, zucchini, radishes, carrots add volume, color and texture to your food. If this doesn’t do it for you then create some vegetable purees. One recent study where they included purees found that participants could be equally satisfied with 350 fewer calories. Interested though don’t know how to make vegetable puree? Visit for some easy ways to whipp up your puree.
– Slice food— when you cut up your food it food up makes it seem more plentiful. In one study, participants given chopped up pieces of bagels ate less than those given whole ones, yet were equally satisfied.
– Aerate—Adding air to your meals makes portion sizes seem longer, making snacks like popcorn or puffed grain cereals better than crackers or granola bars.