Old Things Are Treasures To Be…hold. Riginal

You can FILL AN Old CUPBOARD WITH Wise CRACKS. riginal. “For the sword of inspiration lies rusted without thought…best to slash at ideas than to rust and do nought!”(riginal 2013). “For what gaineth an unoriginal thought if it is embellished and framed in ‘factual history’ only to drown in the ever present sea of perpetual boredom and sameness of war and histronics.” (riginal 2013). If you believe in these quotes please read no further.

Once upon a ‘dime’. No, this is not a mathematical calculation by the learned Descartes who was in charge of the U.S. Treasury residual remnants of the fiscal monetary bowl 2013. He was born. He died. This is an unequivocal sequence of historical factuation. Infatuation with mankind’s longevity pertaining to the life and death cycle was rife. If you have any sort of inquiries regarding where and the best ways to utilize Composition, you could call us at the internet site. The motorized two wheeler motor ‘CYCLE’ variety wasn’t in vogue back then. Luckily, because the ever present long flowing robes scholars wore back then would have thrown many a philosopher over the handlebars of his Harley had a ‘chain’ launch eventuated. Except for one chap who was a carpenter cum cabinet maker whose Godly transportation to and fro from work presented him with a concession on prayer dispensation.

Descartes was renown for his wonderful phrases and prismatic reflections on man’s unconscious subconscious well before the invention of bulk-billing by your local doc. Although I’d rather be unconscious (happens now and then) in today’s world with it’s modern day therapies, than to be ‘bled’ as a stop gap medical procedure to cure headaches etc. With the ever present bonfire night for broomstick proponents as a terminal cure for arthritis and overheated debate on ‘which witchcraft’ deserved a burning recommendation. Maybe ‘getaway fom the maddening crowd’ holidays on a hot Harley would have been beneficial? Descarte’s quote. “I think therefore I am,” was and still is a wonderful example of his awe-inspiring intellect.

The pendantic scholar also, however, ran a furniture business dealing with the procurement and dispensation of ‘Talking CUPBOARDS’ cupboards on the side…board’. Some squeaked, some groaned, some laminex some chrome. Mr. D was out at an auction in Belfry square just past the French pastry shop-‘Granny Smiths Pies and Pasties to boot’…or, take the boots off sock granny in the eye and pinch one. Why anybody would eat a pinched boot is beyond me…when perfectly good pastry abounded? The D spied a very very very old cupboard in the pastry shop. It was tattered and the doors were jammed out of square. Mr. D. rushed home in his pickup truck, wrenched open the roller door, grabbed his electric plane and was just about to plane the jammed doors down befitting a perfect fit when the anguished unhinged cupboard sqeaked out “Descartes Don’t touch my doors!” “Mr.D turned the power off…”WHY?” The weary frightened cupboard dug its legs in and pleaded…”I Think Therefore I JAMB!” And with a ‘TWEAK’ of phraseology from the grateful D, History came on board!

Hope you guys ‘aint? Believe it or not. An unlikely alliance between an inanimate object and a plain genius. Sort of off the shelf mutual pact of respect. Hell of a lot better than those crummy ‘DIY screw loose’ cupboard packs that your drill can’t even torque to without YOU losing your temper and attacking it with a hammer?. Although the shop that flogged it to you always seems interested in your credit history until it walks out the door!