NY Times Says The Daintier The Stylish

Scrolling over some of the fashion blogs in New York Times, I read a short and sweet write-up that says dainty jewelry is in the style lately. Fine and delicate necklaces, rings and bracelets are well-liked by women of Grande – see this here – all ages. Also, they are best suited for everyday wear. Thin statement pieces are just the right blings to complete your formal look.

But this doesn’t mean that the era of big-sized stone rings or thick necklaces has disappeared. Both these styles go side by side in the jewelry industry. It entirely revolves around your taste and preference for that moment. Some girls who are not very fond of whooping jewels choose petite and cute pieces for a fab appearance.

Minimalist jewelry looks stylish and modern when piled up on your neck, fingers, and hands; it actually portrays the simplicity without being simple. This deciphers for both fashionable appearances, i.e. bold and modest. Layering of thin necklaces and stacking of slender rings are some high-end ways of donning dainty jewels. Also, stud earrings are a superb choice for any occasion. With these elegant lovelies, you look pretty and attractive in any outfit you take up.

It is not always about how bigger your statement piece is; the manner it jazz-up your appearance is important. Tiny little ornaments prove to be a winning countenance sometimes. Your neckline, hands and fingers appear graceful and statuesque with this minimalism.