Is this A Real Silk Scarf.

As any woman normally constituted, I hate to being scammed when I go shopping! On the web, it is even more difficult to recognize right from wrong .
All scarves from Uscarf Silk Scarf are 100% ’90s natural silk. Silk chosen by the designer is really a nice quality silk. But how do you know if the scarf which you died in the early morning is a real silk scarf? Here are 3 simple ways to be sure of yourself.

Neophyte in silk , you probably want some simple but effective tips on how to recognize a true natural silk. In fact , many internet sites, shops or stalls markets unscrupulous to offer you cheap prices (or not) of articles mentioning 100% silk, but it will be synthetic silk which does not have the natural qualities of silk or nobility. Its silk scarves are only counterfeiting polyester, often Made in China or Made in Thailand.

Flame test

The most effective method to recognize the silk is of the test flame. If your scarf permits, some son cut cleanly and near it the flame of a lighter.
– In the case of synthetic silk, son shrivel, melt like plastic and black smoke. In addition, they will continue to burn after removal of the flame.
– In the case of natural silk, the approach of a flame lighter exudes the same smell that burning hair. Moreover, the removal of the flame, combustion stops. Rub son fingertips and you will get a fine black ash.

Shiny silk

The second method requires a more experienced but notice quite easily eye. Indeed, natural silk has some exceptional qualities at its luster. Are doing this test with your silk scarf :
– Enjoy the sunshine and present a synthetic silk scarf different angles of light, reflections always appear white.
– In many ways lights, your natural silk scarf present her reflections of different colors that will captivate your entourage. The outstanding properties of the silk gloss due to the presence of an identical to that contained in the bead protein!

Weft silk scarf

The last method is closer, it is to scrutinize the frame of your silk scarf. Indeed, as you know, silk is a natural fiber of animal origin son so these are regular
– A synthetic silk scarf has a smooth frame and completely regular.
– Your natural silk scarf introduce some irregularities in the thickness of silk son.

Chemical test

Chemists have a test to determine whether it is natural silk. They add 16 grams of CuSO4 in 150 milliliters of water. Then they mix 8-10 grams of glycerol with NaOH to obtain a clear solution. Finally, some chemists deposit drops of this solution on the fabric to be tested. Only son of silk are dissolved, all the others remain.

Natural silk has qualities of resistance, thermoregulation, reflections, plus it’s a noble and healthy to wear unlike the synthetic silk material. Then much of the advice your eyes open and make the right choice!