NY Times Says The Daintier The Stylish

Scrolling over some of the fashion blogs in New York Times, I read a short and sweet write-up that says dainty jewelry is in the style lately. Fine and delicate necklaces, rings and bracelets are well-liked by women of Grande – see this here – all ages. Also, they are best suited for everyday wear. Thin statement pieces are just the right blings to complete your formal look.

But this doesn’t mean that the era of big-sized stone rings or thick necklaces has disappeared. Both these styles go side by side in the jewelry industry. It entirely revolves around your taste and preference for that moment. Some girls who are not very fond of whooping jewels choose petite and cute pieces for a fab appearance.

Minimalist jewelry looks stylish and modern when piled up on your neck, fingers, and hands; it actually portrays the simplicity without being simple. This deciphers for both fashionable appearances, i.e. bold and modest. Layering of thin necklaces and stacking of slender rings are some high-end ways of donning dainty jewels. Also, stud earrings are a superb choice for any occasion. With these elegant lovelies, you look pretty and attractive in any outfit you take up.

It is not always about how bigger your statement piece is; the manner it jazz-up your appearance is important. Tiny little ornaments prove to be a winning countenance sometimes. Your neckline, hands and fingers appear graceful and statuesque with this minimalism.

Remember that Buddy Holly Hit ‘Heartbeat.

It’s during the worst time of your life that you will get to see the true colors of the people who say they care for you.

True Colors- Cyndi Lauper ….

폭스바겐 본사를 찾은 폭스바겐원정대 1편 자동차 테마파크 아우토슈타트 - 블로그The reason I have always loved this song is that it expresses so clearly the way I look at the people in my world.

First I see you with my eyes.

Then as I get to know you, (and I always seem to want to know people on a deeper level)., I want to know your heart. I am not very content with the shallow stuff ,which has little significance to me.

I want to know what makes your heart beat faster.

What makes you cry.

What makes you smile, and gives you joy.

I want to know if you can be vulnerable enough to trust me with your feelings.

I want to know if I can trust you with mine and know you have compassion.

As one HUMAN being to another.

I want to know if you live your life with reverence.

All of life and all human beings deserve respect , until shown otherwise.

I will look at you with my eyes, my mind, and mostly with my heart. That is why I will see your “true colors”. the beauty of your soul….

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Thank you Caballero for your beautiful comment and review…hope all is well with you. 🙂

Noone is true bluer that poeter youer. “True blue” an Australian expression meaning true to oneself and your fellow man. But you knew that.You have bingoed it again Twinkletoes. Remember that Buddy Holly hit ‘Heartbeat?’ You is wearing it on your sleeve again girl! Have a great weekend…give your heart a rest…roll your sleeves up. Are you sure you’re not selling reconditioned hearts? If you have any type of concerns pertaining to where and how you can use Official, you could call us at the web site. /:>)

Thank you Riginal…yes it means the same thing here…honest, loyal…I was out buying some birthday presents fro two of my grandkids….so that bingo money came in handy…:) Have not heard that song in years, guess I should go listen to it on UTube…I do know I liked it though. LOL…you are rushing the weekend, time moves too fast as it is, don’t you find? Yes, you are right, but I have never figured out how to not live life with my heart, and don’t want to , even when it causes me some pain, it is still what I want my life to be…lived with my heart and soul…hugs

you can be vulnerable enough to trust me with your feelings.It’s really a heart touching one. Thanks for marvelous posting.Replica Watch Reviews.


“Someone I loved once gave me a box full of darkness. It took me years to understand that this too, was a gift.” ? Mary Oliver

Holding in my hands

Leaves frame with tropical plants and birdYour gift bestowed unwanted

To me an affirmation of sorrow

Crucifixion of my heart and soul

Left dripping with melancholy…

Still I hold this sacred knowledge

Transforming this curse into

Blessings which frees my existence

Propelling me onward to embrace

Luminaria of a candle burning within…

Overabundance of purposeless

Realities masked by inconsequential

Addictive savoir-faire arrogance

Will not abide with me ever to

Destroy the elegance of transcendence…

At last seeing the truth I refused to

Acknowledge existed within your being

Eyes wide open encompassing with

Forgiveness granted for verified vision

Assumed in this time of darkness …

Someone I once loved gave me

This box of darkness bringing

Discernment, understanding,

Perspective retrospect revelation

Now I know this is my gift…

Freeing My Soul….

“What hurts you, blesses you. Darkness is your candle.”

** RUMI **

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Barb this a beautiful poem …“What hurts you, blesses you. Darkness is your candle.”…This is absolute truth…Keep it up Barb

Tjhank you once again for your rating me as awful…so very kind of you.

Barb I have rated you 5 marks

whats going on ..

sorry uttam i am use to someone coming now and giving me 0… and when i looked it said this…. i was wrong, it now says 5… i apologize

Again I say I am sorry….it does make one a bit upset with what has been happening…I was wrong and Tony told me he would check into it and let me know what is happening….

I am not sure why I have made someone so angry with me to leave these… hopefully it will be settled soon.

Don’t take those ratings personal…some hell bent soul is taking pleasure in tormenting us…write your heart, with the best words you can find, and to hell with the nay-sayers…your words are beautiful, your thoughts deep and full of life, give them freely and the edification of the readers will be your reward. If that you cannot see, know that your wings have caught the wind and you have flown…

Jennifer Lopez & New Spannish Album

The album is alot diffrent from her last records. Her english albums include: ‘On the 6’ ‘Jlo’ ‘This is me...then’ ‘Rebirth’ and ‘The Remixes’. With great chart hits like ‘If you had my love’ ‘Love don’t cost a thing’ and ‘Get Right’.

The album uses the spannish guitar quite alot especialy in the tracks ‘Que hiciste’ and ‘Me haces falta’. It’s across of world music and R&B. The album is realeased everywhere where you can find music.

If you don’t know Spannish you might find this album quite hard to follow because you can’t really sing with it. Ive found that, you should stick with Jlo’s english albums.

But your inluck Jlo has started on her new english album which she has said herself is made for her fans and is alot more like her last records.

‘Coma Ama Uner Mujer’ can be downloaded at wwww.Maxalbums.com. English album will be realised late 07.

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Can Gentle Calm Succeed.

Recently an active exchange of poetic responses began between a friend and I. He wrote this beautiful one and sent it my way…and that’s how it began

When storms have raged and passed away
Can gentle calm succeed?
I sleep to ease a troubled mind
Sleep is the friend, I need…
With these few words I speak my mind
You in this a quest will find
My quest is clear…seek it out
Love is a tyrant…when in doubt

I got an instant inspiration; and i wrote down the following words in response:

This storm is here for eternity,
NO trace of calmness can I see… – 18closeup.com
No sleep, no rest can soothe my mind
No friend can bring me glee…
This unending quest kills me everyday,
I can’t reach where I want to be…
This doubt can be tyrant I know,
Still this love shall be a part of me…

We appreciated each other’s work and then obviously forgot about it. And just today when I was having my lunch; I got another set of couplets from him in response to what I wrote a week back:

Your storm once raged and passed away,
And the gentle calm did succeed
You slept and eased a troubled mind
Yet now sleep is the friend I need
In those few words you spoke your mind…
…and yet I was so lost, dumb and blind…
Your love’s still a tyrant, there’s no doubt
I’m lost and confused; my soul wants to be out…

So I just decided to post all the three poems on my blog. But as i am typing here; I can sense the birth of yet another response to his (above written)poem…here it goes..

Why live in the memories of that storm?
That was a reality once…but now its gone…
And why depend on a gentle calm?
And why not make your wounds, your balm?
Sleep- if dream is where you belong…
Sleep- if that fake world makes you strong!
Don’t be lost, cuz they won’t find you
Don’t think much cuz those thoughts might blind you…
Love’s not tyrant; lovers are;
My heart’s a proof-with its shining scars.

4 comments on Raging thoughts

Melody: thankyou 🙂

Cher: i am so glad you liked it! thanks a lot for the appreciation! 🙂

Devin: I agree with you time (be it bitter or sweet) always leaves some kind of trace within an individual. The magnitude of it’s intensity can surely vary..

As for my last one..I was just trying to say that one shouldn’t sit whining over what’s gone, one must accept the tragedies/sadness and move on…only you can help yourself be strong, nobody else will do that for you. I believe love exists but its something way beyond the reach of the existent “lovers” of present..

Thankyou for your comment, it means a lot! 🙂

Beautifully written. The pain feels like death would be more welcome. Yet, it’s love not given that is the sin. Time is the panacea, as far from belief as that may sound. The individual does remain, though your view of what it meant may change. You’ll realize one day, that what happened was a gift and not the end of love.

Thankyou Tony. Yes I do believe that everything happens for your good!

How to Wear Spring Dress Perfectly

It’s time to put off the heavy fabric outfit and change it to the spring dress welcome the sunny spring time now! How to match with the spring dress and skirt on your wardrobe this spring will chic but not out of style? Which styles of dresses are worth for you to buy? Which pieces of spring jewelry, Pearl Zircon Stud Earrings or others is suitable for your spring dress look? According to the not so long ago fashion week, most the fashion icon have given you most of wearing reference, if you are unwilling to be out of style, come and learn some wearing tips now!

It is obvious that the collocation of the print and leather jacket should be a young combo; most of the fashion icons are fond of showing this wearing collocation in spring. If you liked this information and you would like to get additional information pertaining to ’90s kindly see our own web-page. In case you loved this post and you would love to receive details regarding Lamar kindly visit our website. But as for which style print should you choose that depend on your personality. Though that the small print is worth to have a try, as it create the street style perfectly. Furthermore, the fresh colors and light materials are always the first choice in spring time, especially ankle skirt which is prevailing fashion trends this year. Match it with the shirt in the same color system, you will find it echoes of the fresh color of your skirt, and you don’t need to worried about the changing weather!

More than that, the dress whose design with theatricality and give sense of swell is easy to look chunky, therefore, when pairing with those styles of dress chooses the right top is of significant and the waisted shape is seen as the basic skill. You can also improve your waist line through the belt so as to refresh the whole body molding and achieve the harmonies visual. Go with a pair of heels and a piece of delicate colorful jewelry such as Triangle Pendant Necklace to complete your look!

How To find The right Electrical Company In CT

Are you facing any kind of electrical issue in your home or commercial building and want to do the job correctly, you need to get help from the right electrical company for the task. In Connecticut, various electrical companies are working to provide the best services for electrical issues and resolve the problems of the people. From these different electrical companies, it’s essential to find the right one which accomplishes your needs and excellently complete the task.

Fountain, O, Water, Oberursel, Liquid

Whenever you need any kind of electrical issue, no matter how big or small, always get professional help to fix the problem. Never think that you can handle the problem by yourself because it will be risky for you and your home or commercial property. The electrical companies offer both kinds of services for residential and commercial buildings, and by getting their help, you can get the solution immediately and efficiently and without any damage.

Tips for finding the perfect Electrical Company:

Some useful guidelines are discussing here to help you in finding the right electrical company CT.

1.Check out the License:

For an electrician and electrical company licensing is always essential. When you are going to hire an electrical company for your home or commercial property, make sure to choose the one who is licensed and have qualified and trained electricians. A company which is licensed guaranteed that it can provide excellent services to handle various tasks related to electrical issues.

2.Consider the Services Company Offers:

While selecting an electrical company to accomplish your electrical issues, consider the services it is offering to you. The company should provide you with various tasks and all sort of services. A professional electrician can test the wires located on the ground, repair damaged wires and damaged fuse box. No matter what is the issue, a competent electrician can handle the duty correctly.

3.Ask about the Experience:

Experience is the most significant factor to consider while hiring the electrical company. An experienced electrician can handle various issues efficiently, and there are no risk chances to your property.

4.Tools and Techniques the company Used:

The tools and techniques the electrical company CT is using is also a considerable factor to ask about. If the company has proper tools and equipment to handle various tasks, it is good to hire that company. The up to date tools and technologies can handle more tasks.

If you need electrical services, always go to get help from a reliable, experienced and skilled electrical company. Never try to resolve the issue by yourself, always get professional assistance. Otherwise, it can cause severe risks to your property and you as well. The most significant parts to consider while choosing an electrical company CT are experience, abilities, and materials the company has.

If you are capable of hiring the right electrical company, you can get more for your electrical needs. In the event you liked this information and you desire to receive more information about Twitter kindly stop by our web-page. If are facing any kind of electrical issues, get services from the excellent electrical company CT at http://sec-ct.com/.

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Drug Abuse Counseling How to Get High

I want to get high, but I can’t find any drugs. I’m an accountant, and during tax season work is so stressful that I need to get high to relieve the tension. I don’t have any friends who are into drugs, and if I approach my co-workers looking for a source I could get myself fired. Last week I went over to the shady side of town to try to buy some crack or whatever from a street dealer, but I didn’t know what I was doing and I got arrested. The cops let me off with just a warning and laughingly told me that people like me shouldn’t be buying drugs on the street. But they seemed to be implying that I should get my drugs somewhere else. I don’t get it. What am I missing? Where’s an overworked white collar accountant supposed to go for drugs?

Get-Me-High Hugh

Dear Get-Me-High Hugh,

What are you, an idiot? People in your position in society don’t need to be buying drugs from some hoodlum on the street. That’s beneath you. Street dealers are for teenagers who don’t know any better and poor people with no other choice. Well-to-do adults have safer means of procuring drugs.

I know what you’re probably thinking: “But most well-to-do adults don’t use drugs. They’re respectable members of the community who look down on drug users and dealers as a blight on society.” You’re right. If you liked this article therefore you would like to acquire more info concerning Hip-Hop i implore you to visit the web-site. Most “upstanding” citizens deem illegal drug use and the illegal drug trade as morally reprehensible activities, and they are quick in voicing their outrage. But don’t let their hypocrisy fool you! Many of these people use drugs on a regular basis. Since their drugs are legal and procured through lawful channels, they see themselves as somehow above and detached from the dangerous drug culture that pervades our society, even though their drug abuse can be just as destructive.

So follow the example of these drugged-up white-collar hypocrites: find a cool doctor who’s loose with his prescription pad and have him prescribe you whatever makes you feel good. As an expert professional dealer, he may even be able to recommend some good drugs to you, drugs that you didn’t even know existed. Then just pop your pills, sit back, and haughtily wag your finger at all those dirty drug users out there who are ruining their lives and dragging down society.

What is The purpose Of Bellow Joints.

Bellow joints are mainly used in pipelines, machines and containers as a component which helps in compensating the changes that are caused to the existing machinery due to the intense heat and vibration that are produced during the process. These are also known as compensators due to their role in this entire process.

A bellow expansion joint contains one or more metallic bellows with connectors on either ends and tie rods whose design depends on the purpose for which the joint in being used. These metallic expansion joints are broadly classified into three types on the basis of their movement:

1. Axial Expansion Joint: This bellow joint is used in pipelines and places where the expansion due to intense temperature takes place in a straight line. The distance between the two fixed points is measured and this is used to define the axial movement that the joint needs to gain to absorb the heat and temperature. The rules for using an axial bellow joint are as follows:

– When a pipeline has been divided into many straight sections with fixed points.
– When the fixed points have been designed in such a way that they can withstand the pressure and vibrations that are caused by these bellow joints.
– When pipe guides have been used in between the fixed pipes in long pipes to make sure that they do not kink.
– An axial bellow joint should always be installed near the fixed point and the pipe guide.

2. Angular Expansion Joints: Piping systems which are two or three hinged systems are the ones which use angular expansion joints. In case of a three hinged single plane piping system, only one angular expansion joint is required but in case of a three hinged multi plane piping system, two angular expansion joints might be required. Here are the rules on the basis of which angular bellow joints can be used in a piping system:

– When there is more than one 90 degree redirection in the pipeline.
– Since angular bellow joints are capable of absorbing the pressure and force released by the bellows, the fixed points should be designed in such a way that they can compensate the resultant force and torque which is caused by the friction of the pipe guides.
– When the piping system covers more than one plane.

3. Lateral Bellow Joints: Lateral bellow joints are mainly used in pipelines which have 90 degree redirections in single and multiple plane piping system. These are generally put up at the points where the pipe line is redirected at right angles. These joints are far more effective in absorbing heat and pressure than the axial bellow joints. The rules that should be followed when using lateral bellow expansion joints are:

– These joints should always be arranged at right angle to the pipeline.
– Fixed points get relieved of handling any kind of undue stress as these joints are capable of absorbing all the pressure and heat.

A Look at The best Occasions In which To Wear A Suit

Bench, Concrete, Benches, Seat, Seating

Men who wear well-tailored suits present themselves in the best light in terms of fashion… without even making a conscious effort! Nevertheless, the younger generation doesn’t really prefer wearing suits as this is considered formal attire. However, a fine-tailored suit can work wonders for a man whether he wears it at work or at leisure!

Whether one opts to wear a bespoke suit in black, a gray pinstripe suit, a modern navy suit or a perfect wedding suit; the garment adds an enchanting elegance to a man’s persona. Let’s list a few occasions in which wearing a suit is one of the best ways to dress:

– Work interviews -It’s been for ages that suits have been the chosen dress at job interviews. Even though many organizations recommend business casual in their dress policy; a simple suit still makes a winning impression at the first interview. Wearing a suit at an interview is a sure way to show that you mean pure business at work!

– Business events -Be it a trade show, a board room presentation or any other official event; bespoke suits make you look very professional. However, one should be careful not to overdo it. Accessories can be kept away, or use them minimally if you must. Also, one needs to keep the dressing culture of the work place in mind when choosing a suit to wear.

– Legal Appointments -Whether you need to appear in the court of law or have a legal appointment for a corporate matter, a suit is the right kind of clothing. The formal and conservative settings that are the essence of legal appointments make formal suits a good clothing solution.
– Weddings -If you are tying the knot, a suit made by your bespoke tailor is just right; unless the dress code defines some other dressing option! In case you want to dress less formally, you can put on a nice dinner jacket and pair it up with slacks.

– On a formal date -Dress to impress your lady in a formal suit. She just might fall head over heels yet again!

– Religious ceremonies -Conservative formal suits are the best choice for clothing on religious occasions.

– Elite Dinners -Many upscale restaurants and steakhouses have their own dress codes. A suit is the safest bet; it will never let you down!

Thus, we can see that made-to-measure, bespoke suits are the apt clothing choice for a range of occasions. One can find great options to get custom-made suits. Connect online with a stylist today and dress to impress.

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