Can Gentle Calm Succeed.

Recently an active exchange of poetic responses began between a friend and I. He wrote this beautiful one and sent it my way…and that’s how it began

When storms have raged and passed away
Can gentle calm succeed?
I sleep to ease a troubled mind
Sleep is the friend, I need…
With these few words I speak my mind
You in this a quest will find
My quest is clear…seek it out
Love is a tyrant…when in doubt

I got an instant inspiration; and i wrote down the following words in response:

This storm is here for eternity,
NO trace of calmness can I see… –
No sleep, no rest can soothe my mind
No friend can bring me glee…
This unending quest kills me everyday,
I can’t reach where I want to be…
This doubt can be tyrant I know,
Still this love shall be a part of me…

We appreciated each other’s work and then obviously forgot about it. And just today when I was having my lunch; I got another set of couplets from him in response to what I wrote a week back:

Your storm once raged and passed away,
And the gentle calm did succeed
You slept and eased a troubled mind
Yet now sleep is the friend I need
In those few words you spoke your mind…
…and yet I was so lost, dumb and blind…
Your love’s still a tyrant, there’s no doubt
I’m lost and confused; my soul wants to be out…

So I just decided to post all the three poems on my blog. But as i am typing here; I can sense the birth of yet another response to his (above written)poem…here it goes..

Why live in the memories of that storm?
That was a reality once…but now its gone…
And why depend on a gentle calm?
And why not make your wounds, your balm?
Sleep- if dream is where you belong…
Sleep- if that fake world makes you strong!
Don’t be lost, cuz they won’t find you
Don’t think much cuz those thoughts might blind you…
Love’s not tyrant; lovers are;
My heart’s a proof-with its shining scars.

4 comments on Raging thoughts

Melody: thankyou 🙂

Cher: i am so glad you liked it! thanks a lot for the appreciation! 🙂

Devin: I agree with you time (be it bitter or sweet) always leaves some kind of trace within an individual. The magnitude of it’s intensity can surely vary..

As for my last one..I was just trying to say that one shouldn’t sit whining over what’s gone, one must accept the tragedies/sadness and move on…only you can help yourself be strong, nobody else will do that for you. I believe love exists but its something way beyond the reach of the existent “lovers” of present..

Thankyou for your comment, it means a lot! 🙂

Beautifully written. The pain feels like death would be more welcome. Yet, it’s love not given that is the sin. Time is the panacea, as far from belief as that may sound. The individual does remain, though your view of what it meant may change. You’ll realize one day, that what happened was a gift and not the end of love.

Thankyou Tony. Yes I do believe that everything happens for your good!