A Mayo Clinic Of A Different Kind

You have probably heard for years how amazing mayonaise can be to condition beat up hair. I myself have never tried it… on my hair. So I can’t vouche for the voracity of that tidbit, but I can tell you that mayonaise does indeed have amazing conditioning qualities when applied to CDs.

That’s right. Compact Disks. Those shiny little round wonders of musical enjoyment and one of Americas favorite condiments.

As I write this I realize the age of compact disks, all beit ever so slowly, is dying out as a new age of MP3s takes hold. All the more reason to revive the ones you have. And for some, even more useful is to be able to use this trick on your childrens game console disks. Because we all know how rough a kid can be on these fragile, expensive, teeny little packages packed with entertainment.

The next time your cd skips like Grandpa’s 45 records or sweet little Grace brings you her My Little Pony Palace Wii game disk and cries that it Uniworld (linked web page) won’t work… just whip out the Miracle Whip. Or ‘Tangy Sandwich Spread’. What ever you keep on hand. I can’t say brand name versions work any better or that store brands work any less… it really doesn’t matter.

Set the disk shiny side up on top of a paper towel. Take out a spoon of mayonise from the jar and dip the tip of your finger into the mayo and deposit the mayo bits onto the shiny surface of the CD. Repeat the process until a circle of dots covers the disk. With a finger tip gently spread and rub the mayonaise across the rest of the CD, avoiding the clear very center portion as much as possible. There should be a somewhat thick layer so that you can visibly see the mayonaise on the disk. Set the disk back onto the paper towel and let sit at room temp for about half an hour. Too long and the product will begin to overdry. You want the mayo to start to become transparent ( aka see through) but not dry or stiff. Michigan (learn more http://umich.edu/) After about half an hour take a soft cloth and remove mayonaise. Keep a circular motion and just continue gently rubbing until the rag has taken 99.5 % off. Meaning, just don’t worry about coming out with a pristinely clean dry surface. You want the mayo to set into the scratches and fill them in creating a more smooth surface.

This will not work with very deep gouges. For these you may still be able to save it by bringing it to your local video rental store. Many video stores are now investing in expensive machines that gently resurface compact disks and blu ray disks. There is often a charge… anywhere from .50 to $2. But it’s a heck of a lot cheaper than replacing a $60 Xbox game. And a heck of a lot easier to not have to listen to little Gracie cry big alligator tears over the loss of her coveted ‘Princess Pets’ game.