5 Bizarre Sushi Dishes You must Try

One of the most popular things about Japan is its cuisine. Japanese cuisine offers a variety of dishes, one of which is sushi, a dish made with vinegared rice. Needless to say, sushi is considered to be the most famous food associated with the said country.

In fact, due to its popularity, numerous sushi recipes emerged around the globe. Some of them seem eccentric, but if you are a real sushi aficionado, then you might want to check out this list of weird sushi dishes that you might find interesting to try.

1. Fugu Nigiri

Yeah, food is life. Conversely, this may not be the case when it comes to Fugu or blowfish. This Japanese dish can actually kill you if it’s not prepared right by a licensed fugu chef. The intestines, ovaries, and liver of this famed fish contain a poison called tetrodotoxin, which is 1,200 times deadlier than cyanide. Despite the high risk, people are willing to pay a lot of money just to get a bite of this stuff because it is said to be the most delicious of any fish. Fugu Nigiri or Fugu Sushi is just one of the various ways to eat this delicacy. If you want to try it for yourself, make sure you’ll get to see the chef’s certificate first!

2. Basashi Sushi

Red rowan with a colourful arrangement of flowersIf you are in the hunt for a sushi with a bit of a kick, you must try Basashi sushi, a sushi dish made with raw horse meat sashimi. This famous dish from Kumamoto, Japan is said to be smooth and sweet, and is often accompanied with soy sauce and ginger. Aside from being delectable, horse meat is exceedingly high in protein and is even healthier than pork or beef. Although the idea of eating raw horse meat may seem odd, you won’t say neigh once you’ve tried this one.

3. Insect Sushi

The main claim to fame of this sushi is inago. Inago (rice grasshoppers) are common pests in paddy fields of Japan. People began to eat inago to combat its infestation. These are marinated in soy sauce, sugar and sake. If you want to eat these delish bugs on your sushi, you might want to visit Sushi Mazi, a contemporary Japanese restaurant in Portland.

4. Kit Kat Sushi

Do you love Kit Kat as much as you love sushi? You can actually enjoy the best of both worlds with Kit Kat Sushi from a Kit Kat shop in Ikebukuro, Tokyo. Even if the flavors aren’t actually the same as that of a sushi, the makers were still successful to copy the appearance of the said dish by placing a Kit Kat on a crispy puffed rice with white chocolate and a hint of wasabi. Flavors include raspberry and white chocolate (tuna), pumpkin pudding (tamago), and Hokkaido melon and mascarpone cheese (uni). Unfortunately, it was a limited time promotion for the shop’s grand opening, but who knows? Maybe it will come back someday. It only needs a break.

5. Cheese Hamburger Sushi

Satisfy your American fast food cravings while in Japan! Genki Sushi chain, a conveyor sushi belt restaurant in Japan, is known for serving cheese hamburger on top of sushi rice. Well, if you are not into raw stuff, then this one is perfect for you! Who said hamburgers are just for buns?

Who would have thought that some sushi can be as exotic as these bizarre sushi dishes? Indeed, the recipes have gone too far from the traditional sushi dishes we’ve always loved. Whether you’ll eat those or not, let’s keep those sushi rollin’!